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Hi Friends,
AnimHuT was started on August 23rd 2009 and today has grown up into a community. AnimHuT is a forum for graphic designers, web designers, freelancers, design professionals, and bloggers to discuss and share their knowledge in this creative field. The main aim of this creative blog is to share knowledge and to grow up as a community.

This is a blog run by designers for the betterment of designers.
We provide best tutorials and resources for showcasing and inspiring our latest creative talent. We inspire others and also
get inspired by each and every blog in this design community.

Imagination is more Important than Knowledge

Behind this:

Sriganesh.M( ஸ்ரீ கணேஷ் .ம் ) a Design Student and Learning 3D animation now.

{ Blogger + Photographer + Graphic Designer }

Running AnimHuT- Design Blog Successfully.  Thank you supporting us ! AnimHuT is for learning and sharing
My skills in Design Community.

●•٠· ̇ Working Towards new Techniques Daily in Graphic Design & illustrations.
●•٠· Active on social networking and love to make friends Online and Offline.
●•٠· ̇ I`m A Photography Hobbyist and take photos in my lecture time. I started my photography with old Konica camera with 36 film roll. Later on 2008 winter i got
my first digital camera “Sony Cybershot W130s” .

ON July 2010, I brought my First Dslr Camera NIKON D5000 with 18-55mm kit
with my Blog Income

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Origin :
I was born and brought up in Nellai(Tamilnadu) from India. I`M Lucky to have god-gifted parents. Apart from other relations that
I believe in :Friendship being the Most. ” The Real friends are life saver – my own experience.

We welcome tutorials, freebies, and articles, from all directions in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop,
Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS.


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வாழ்க தமிழ்

வளர்க தமிழ்

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Design Contributor and Author by 

Founder and Editor of this blog. For Daily Design and Photography Inspiration for Creative Fellow Humans. Giveaway Hunters [We Hosted 100+ Giveaway]
Join with design rebel. Estd: 2009

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  1. Hi Shri Ganesh,

    How are you? Hope you doing fine with your blog. Can you please add me as your friend on Gmail, my gmail ID is himanshuyadav.123@gmail.com.

  2. sure :, and you are my friend already buddy :)

  3. Nice website Ganesh! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. thanks for that, and welcome to animhut :D

  5. hi ganesh..!!!
    this is marian frm ANTS-KORAMANGALA.
    did you receive my works which i had sent you..???

    how do i upload my resume on ur blog..??
    plzzzz help..!!!

  6. The moment I saw your comment in my blog, I rushed up to learn something about you.

    Your profile looks impressive, Love to visit your blog on daily basis.

    You can also add a little bit about you. I mean, Location you are from? your family background, your age, etc.

  7. hi maraian iam happy you visited my blog, actually iam making a free portofolio for friends ,soon i ll ping you.

  8. Vamsi, thanks for your precious comment here, i am happy to get a pro blogger like you. OK , ill take your tips, and add more clean bio. thank you. -=-=
    have a great day and year to come 8)

  9. Hi,

    I would like to run a dealfuel giveaway on your site. Please let me know how to take it forward.


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