Brochures, always act as the face of a company because they always speak about what the company is capable of. So when a brochure is given to a client and if it is really good then the client is impressed and 50% of the job is over in getting a project or a client. It may even give you an added advantage than your competitors for the project or in the industry. So, here in this article let us see some impressive brochure layouts.

This is the layout what generally people follow.

Now let us come up with some unique brochure layouts.

Below comes a two-fold A4 size brochure in which you will be having pictures inside the connected rounded rectangles and nearby some text relating to the picture.

In the next brochure layout we will have pictures inside the angled rounded rectangles and some text also. The text inside the angled rounded rectangle will have the highlighting features of the company or a product and some bulleted text. If the texts inside the angled rounded rectangles are of calligraphy fonts then it will be more impressive.

The next one is a six fold square brochure. These kinds of brochures can be used as tour guides or service catalogs for a company.

What comes next is a four-fold square brochure. These kinds of brochures will have to be folded by overlapping each part of the brochure one above the other like folding a carton box. These kinds of brochures can be made use for some resorts or restaurants.

This one is also something similar to the previous one but we will have to fold the four triangles at the end of each side of the square. This will create more pleasing effect and may also kindle the curiosity of the people who get it. This will be more suitable for a creative studio.

The next two brochure layouts are completely professional and can be made use for some corporate kind of look. Inside the curves you can put in the sayings of the company’s board of directors or the achievements of the company.

Therefore, here are some unique brochure layouts. By putting  some  innovation in  Brochure printing  you can create better Brochure layouts or you can produce magic with the same layout.



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