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As a normal office goer, you in all probability have spent a substantial amount of creative time in a coffee store nearby. But have you tried thinking why you like the taste of a cup of coffee at a very expensive rate when the similar cup of coffee is accessible at nearly half the price at another food joint. Yes, undoubtedly, you ought to love the snug surroundings, the pleasant manners of the attendant and the welcoming smile of the waitress who would serve you your cup of hot coffee.

So, all of these services together create `an exceptional tone that make you want to visit the place again and again. Now, the identical rule is valid when you are planning approaching a client. If you want your client to come back to you again for web designing services, you need to implement the same idea. Quite apparent, as it is, you require setting an accurate tone for your website designing project so that it looks different from the rest in today’s cut throat and competitive market. It need not be friendly all the time, but for sure, it should seep out a sense of tenderness and professionalism.

Optimization is always equal to Impression

Optimization is always equal to Impression

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Accept it or not, but all web designers are identical. They all love to research with the logo design so much so that they fail to remember to include the fundamentals of search engine optimization. They forget to keep in mind less use of images and more texts, dropping junk codes, creating websites W3 complaint and error free. All this will take you a very long way making a website extremely optimized and finally when you distribute the project to your clients, you will surely get an energetic welcome from your clients.

However, if you are new to SEO, do not worry as there are various SEO guides to teach you the basics of optimization. This is the first step towards making a good and a lasting impression. Have a look at these web designing tips and it is the best way to get great website design with different SEO techniques included.


Inconsistency is a common flaw made by all designers. For that matter, even a veteran designer has his bad days when he might just end up being criticised for his work and bring in bad remarks and feedback. So the best and the wisest thing to do is to accept that you cannot bring out an ‘out-of-the-world’ design every single time. Moreover, one should also be ready to see reasons why your client dislikes the work you have produced.


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For professionals it is important to take frequent breaks to keep the interest and the innovation intact. Furthermore, whiledesigning a website, you also have to uphold the consistency. Like for example, you cannot have one color format in the home page and an entirely different color scheme for the other pages. You have to maintain the consistency and the flow as this is what will set the tone for your forthcoming website design projects.

Eye Candy

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set your design apart by using a new and innovative color scheme that would give a whole new look to the project making it look stunning

No one likes a design that has got nothing to do with originality. Producing the old clichéd format and using the same colour patterns is certainly not going to help you in making your project look different from the others. You cannot afford to impress your client with that in this competitive world. You require to set your design apart by using a new and innovative color scheme that would give a whole new look to the project making it look stunning and at the same time pleasing to look at. Make your design look different by tying different set of brushes.


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Do not fear to fall, and you will be able to set an all new avatar for your design project that will make the clients appreciate your work!

This is the simplest example of an eye candy website. The header or the topic is the most striking part of the design and a soothing background would give it a brilliant effect that will make your project attractive and hard to ignore.

Smart and Sharp

It is tough to explain what stylishness means but you should make sure that you do not end up making silly mistakes while trying to finish your work in time. Like for example if you forget to add Quick Contact form, template which is not really cross browser friendly or just forgot to add contact details in the ‘contact us’ page.

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Though these errors can be fixed in a jiffy, they make you look like a novice in the field. But being a professional designer, you cannot afford to make such mistakes. So make a point not to make these mistakes and aim perfection in all your projects. Try to add some quantity of elegance in your design by proactive making the website conversational.

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