Creative Product vs. Productive Product


Hi Visitors, one more time I strike back with another high profile article which every designer from amateur level to professional level should know about. This particular topic was discussed to me by one of my friends Uma Shankar who has been into advertising industry for more than 10 years and has bagged some prestigious awards at international level.

Generally, have you noticed promotional products of very big and reputed companies or the work of highly recognized designers? They look very simple and clean just carrying the photograph of their product and a catchy tagline for their product. That’s all those advertisements have and still then those clients pay hell lot of money to the designer or the advertisement company. But whereas we keep breaking our head to satisfy our clients/manager and whatever idea we come up they still reject those ideas. Have you ever wondered why it is so? The reason is simple. We always try to promote ourselves and our creativity to the client, but actually the client expects to promote “their product”. That’s where the difference occurs.

So what should we do now?  There is one simple thing that we need to realize. There are always two types of products in this creative industry. They are creative product and productive product. A creative product is an amazing output which has some out of world concepts/ideas with lots of attractive/jazzy elements in them. They are good to see and eye pleasing but no day they can promote a brand. Some of the examples are as follows.

The above picture shows a guy sitting among a pride of lions. Do you think it is really possible for a person to sit among lions? No way, it is a complete photo manipulation done with high level accuracy and professionalism. People who are not into the creative industry cannot even make out that this has been done using photo manipulation techniques. Though this work has so much of features in it still, which product do you think this work can promote? It can maximum show off your photo manipulation skills and creative skills. There is no other use of this work. This is only is called as creative product.



This is another more example for creative work which cannot promote a product. In the above picture it is the same guy who is batting, bowling, fielding, keeping and umpiring. This artwork also has high precision accuracy but all the hard work done by the graphic designer has gone in vain because this work cannot promote any product. The graphic designer is none else other than the same guy in the above work.A productive output does not demand so much of technical hard work. All it requires is that the product should reach the target audience or the mass. Following is a few examples of productive artworks.


The above two artworks are promotional posters for shoppers stop. Look at these two posters, they do not have so much of technical excellence or great thoughts put into it. Maximum they would have worked for the costume of the model and the photographer for the lighting. Other than that all it has is a catchy tagline which targets high class youth who love to flaunt. Obviously any youth would fall for this ad whether he/she is capable of affording for their rates or not. This is the success of the advertisement, the brand and the branding company.

But still then this article is not to de-motivate or to mislead people not to do creative works. This is just to make you all aware of its better to do smart work than doing herd work. All creative products cannot be productive, but all productive products can be creative also. Seriously, once I started following this technique I have ended up much more successful in the freelancing part of my career because the work time that I spent for a particular artwork has come down and my clients are also more happy than before. I owe a very big thanks and gratefulness to my friend Uma Shankar for sharing this valuable knowledge with me.


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