Today, while Checking out our AnimHuT Facebook fanpage – we noticed a new improved insights for page admins launched silently by facebook.
The new facebook feature allow the admins to see their growth and impression. The new Improved insights contain likes by country, virality, People talking about this and weekly total reach.
Data Per weeks with Date and their post what the admin and users posted on the Facebook fan page.
When you go through the first tab in the “insights” you will find :
1. Reach
2. Engaged users
3. Talking about this
4. Virailty

The Facebook had made a good step on this, providing a great deep insights to the owners. We are so much happy and we got a chance to research where we are good and bad.
Let us show you the insight more detailed.

Important Metrics

new facebook update
Monitor these 4 metrics to assess the size of your audience and how they’re engaging with your content.

Total Likes and Friends of Fans

new facebook update
Total likes is the no. of people who have liked your page, Friends of fans is the number of people you can potentially reach if everyone you are connected to talks about your page to their friends.

People talking about this and weekly total Reach

new facebook update
People talking about this is the number of unique people who have created content about your page on facebook in the past week. The More people that talk about page, the more distribution it will get.

Overview of individual posts that you publish

new facebook update
a chart for overview of individual post that you post.

Understanding your Post

new facebook update


new facebook update
It measures how likely a person is to share something about your posts with their friends. this is a great indicator of the kind of posts your audience responds to.

More Detailed Metrics

new facebook update
The likes, reach and talking about this tabs give you a deeper understanding of your high-level metrics. they are all structured in the same way.

Who is talking about Your Page

Demographics and location

new facebook update
From here you’ll able to learn more about the people talking about you and which includes everyone who created a story about your page. you can also see the demographics about the people who like your page and the people you reach.

How People talk about you

new facebook update
You can see all the stories people have created by interacting with your page posts. Understanding how your audience talks about your page will help you identify the kind of content that will get the most engagement.

Export Data

new facebook update

now you are ready to roll :), you can download and export them to your anywhere within “insights”

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