In blogosphere, you might notice that many bloggers already published “how to start new blog successfully or cheat sheet for successful start-up blog”.

But we are going to write the article in other way, so that you should not do this mistake when creating new blog for personnel or for corporate companies.

How to kill your new blog ? the following tips helps to avoid mistakes and get your blog successfully to the next level.

We have noticed, many new bloggers quit within a three or maximum of six months. Apart from non-productivity or creative block in earlier stage of blogging carrier, their intention to start a blog for earning and making money. This is wrong – you may ask me, we need money. Yes, we do. But there should be a passion before you start making money from your blog.

What is the Main downfall for your new blog ?

how you kill your new blog - avoid it

Many start-up bloggers, have the high expectation on their blog while creating their blogs by comparing themselves to pro bloggers.

You should remember that ” no one can be over night Abraham Lincoln” he worked hard. All the top bloggers and pro bloggers worked smart and harder with passion and dignity. Yes !, to get to the top and stay there you should be loyal to your readers and the other bloggers who helped you in the beginning and the time of your blog had hard time circumstances.

Would you like to know how we thank back our sponsors, writers and each everyone who helped us in beginning of our blog ? – Read this AnimHuT old article.

As a matter of loyal and respect – In India, There is an old saying “Betraying Guru(Master) is a curse”.

List of 25 Blogger’s Vital Mistake that can Kill their Blog

The following list is to aware, some new bloggers who did it, even after many advice them. Remember every blog and their content is unique, so if they are helping you in a right manner – trust them. There are some webmasters who hate and divert you – ignore them.
How to Kill Your Blog

  • Create your blog with the mindset within a week or a month your will start earning nearly in four figure. But if it’s your niche is adult blog you can reach the goal easily. This might be not your niche blog article then.
  • Afraid to make any new way of article publishing and following someone else style. Kindly do not research your article for your next blog niche.
  • Just copying others popular article thinking the webmaster will not find it , will led you to plagiarism. And DMCA report by them. Which is a sucker punch for your blog and your carrier.
  • Do not update your blog platform.
  • Kindly do not upgrade any plugins, if you installed them already.
  • Forget the comments you got for your blog article or post. Do not reply them.
  • Why respecting your readers ?, are they pay for you when they comment and expect a reply from you.
  • Do not appreciate them for there social networking shares. Ignore them.
  • Never own a vanity URL for your blog.
  • Add flash banners in the sidebar likes watch, MP3 player, game widget. It makes your page so flashy.
  • Add tag cloud with flash supported, so that they appear also in mobile browsers.
  • Use static web layout page. So that they scroll horizontally in other screen resolution and mobile browsers.
  • Using superstitious in your blog, like adding a signature forum id or banner.
  • Do not ask or accept readers view and their feedback. Who are they ?, your Jedi masters !.
  • Do not optimize your images, let it be 7-12MB high resolution images you got from Internet.
  • Using Google images without concerning about their copyright. Which leads to Google blacklist.
  • Add as much as possible plugins, even though they are outdated.
  • Adding a long term title with symbols.
  • Forget about meta title or keywords for your article.
  • Install null themes, where they installed encrypted codes to track.
  • Fear to the inner core, when your latest article or post not popular in blogosphere. Which leads to creative block.
  • Do not check punctuation error or other grammatical error after creating your post or article.
  • Adding your blog URL watermark above the images with full opacity and big font size.
  • Do not credit original source or authors who created masterpiece. Now you do not have respect to fellow creative people.
  • Adding underwear photos in design blogs or SEO blogs to get some low quality traffic from kiddies.
  • Changing your keyword font color respective to the theme content background. So that reader cannot see it. But Google bot crawl it. Then you are going to be kicked by Google.

Hope you never do the above steps for new blog or latter in blog carrier. They word do not (negative powered word), so thinking these words are meant to be giving non-productive to you. Just imagine, what if you are applying the above steps unknowingly to your blog.
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I must thanks many bloggers and tech savvy friends who gave me tips, when I made some mistakes. Learn by yourself and do not depend on others too. If you’re making friends for the sake of getting help or resource in anyway you think. Your real face will peeled off to social media.


Respect love trust and be loyal to those who helped you, guided you. In our next article we make another list how to launch successfully or create blog in our own way.

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