Today Japan crosses its 50th day after the Brutal earthquake 8.9 which happened last month. We all prayed for them – whole world prayed for them and it also showed the world how Economic and Nuclear side effect occurs. Always go with Green.

The Reason for making a post today, I check in the internet there is no such good update on the Crisis of japan and current condition of Japan. We have to memorize those people and the loses happened 49 days before. So I have made a poster for my Class for inspiration and prayer. This poster for was a inspiration from …. James White. Who made a Minimal poster design during a presentation and donation.

To add more Creative Work to that, I just made this design adding some of my own Creativity. Below you can see the step by step process of making The Japan 8.9-2011. And download the Poster.

I like to hear your comments! and latest news for Japan from NYtimes

Ps: The images are used from ShutterStock Image “a premium Stock site “. IF you like the Images or Textures you can buy from their site and I have added the link for an easy Access.
Link : Old manuscript- used as background.

“Let’s pray For no more “Disaster for Japan nor for any country.

[8.9 = The Rector level of earthquake on 11th March 2011 .]

Hope you like my design. and Here you can buy his print and Donate. Until now he helped to collect $15000.

Enjoy your weekend. On May 2 ready for a Photoshop manipulation tutorial.

Thank you,
Sri Ganesh.M


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