Last week i stumbled upon this site ( while searching for free icons for my design work. I like this site for their user-friendly features. So i like to feature this site here for AnimHuT readers.

The FindIcons are started few months back and grown into tremendous with more than 2170 packs and counting!! . there intension is to help the users, designers and others to get their needed icons as soon as possible, and to say they are doing great !!

About the FindIcons :

An icon search engine helps you find free icons with largest searchable free icons database in the world. Here you can download the icon and png directly from the page. So you don’t need to redirect to other page and download them. This make time-saving . The home page itself satisfies the needs with their search bar.

This site has few features that to be mention:

  • Browse:
  • Convert:
  • Upload:
  • Tags:
  • Excite me:
  • Browse:

    From the each page you can find 12 sets of icon pack with 181 pages to get your needs. Each icon pack gives png and icon format links. If you like to get different size version you can choose from the option.


    Some of the submitted icon packs doesn’t gave ico / icns format. No worries, with their convert features you can convert your png into many given format.


    If you like to feature your icon set here they have option for you. Designer or non- designer upload option. The designer submission you have to create a free account there. Edit and upload from your choice.
    The non-designer submission to those who came across various site and wish to spread the good stuff to others you can simply add the url of the icon pack – the rest will be taken care by their team.


    The tag page has two tab option for user to get their desired icons as quick as possible.
    (1)Tag Cloud (2) Tag Alphabets
    Tag clouds with user submitted tags. From A to Z arranged.
    Tag alphabets with A to Z key words.

    Excite Me:

    This page shows randomly 60 icons from their data base. Each time the page reloads gives you different icons from different categories.

    I hope you ll make you of this site for your works and upcoming projects.
    Any suggestion on this post or any thoughts do not hesitate to comment – we love to hear from you, that’s why we are here !!

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