The World and Even Mars life Watched Daredevil “Felix Baumgartner” is an Austrian skydiver and a BASE jumper. He is renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career and survives a 24 mile space jump. Another Great History recorded for Future humans, Facebook, Twitter and all Giant Websites like Mashable, TechCrunch are trending this topic. A Great EPIC !.

Concept of Today’s Google Doodle

It’s a 107th Anniversary of American cartoonist Winsor Zenic McCayYoung of Nemo in slumberland. Young man’s Bed flipped or tossed him to the hole, where he met a girl both falling further and landed one a walking Bed and it takes them to place where he further falls into old ancient place kind of Atlantis and further and realize he just fell out from his bed.
Google Doodle Winsor Zenic McCay

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Who is Winsor McCay ?

Winsor McCay ImageHis comic strip work has influenced generations of artists, including creators such as William Joyce, André LeBlanc, Moebius, Maurice Sendak, Chris Ware and Bill Watterson. and as a prolific artist, McCay’s pioneering early animated films far outshone the work of his contemporaries, and set a standard followed by Walt Disney and others in later decades.

Winsor Zenic McCay was an American cartoonist and animator (September 26, 1869 – July 26, 1934), best known for the comic strip Little Nemo (begun 1905) and the animated cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur (1914).

After the Great Space Jump, We noticed today’s Google Doodle and from my point of as a designer – The Huge Google Doodle ever made.(correct me if i am wrong).

The Space Jump and amazing Google doodle is great. This is just a Quick article, i want to share. The Google Doodle was so creative and inspiring – i couldnot resist myself so i shared with you. Did you noticed we have featured a WordPress CMS Infographic for Business.

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