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When a company looks for someone to fill a position, they often have to sift through hundreds of resumes and sit on multiple interviews before finding the right person. But for the average startup, the hiring process is a completely different story. Most startups do not have the time or the budget to undergo this process. But even more so than companies, startups need to find the top talent in order to help their business succeed.

5 Tips to Finding Talent

Finding the top talent possible to fill a position can be a daunting task. However, there are a number of steps that can help startups facilitate the process:

5 Tips to Finding Talent

5 Tips to Finding Talent

1. Networking and Referrals

Posting on the Internet can be a lengthy process, taking up valuable time that the startup simply does not have. Instead, many startups rely on networking in order to find a candidate that is suited for their company and culture.

Another way that startups find applicants is through referrals, by asking trusted colleagues and friends to directly recommend candidates to them. This tactic kills two birds with one stone: in addition to saving time, the startup is able to pick from a pool of recommended applicants.

2. Unconventional Hiring Methods

Instead of using the typical internet job posting board or job fair, unique hiring methods can separate the best for the masses. For example, Reddit posted a job application for a programmer on their blog: however, instead of the conventional “send us your resume”,

unconventional Hiring Methods

Unconventional Hiring Methods

they used a complex programming program, where the answer would yield to an email address. Creative challenges such as these can help determine which applicants are well suited for the company.

3. Type of Applicant

One common debate that arises during the hiring process is whether to choose a specialist or a jack-of-all-trades. Specialists are very good at one skill, while jack-of-all-trades are able to wear a variety of hats and adapt to multiple roles. This question largely depends on the type and the stage of the startup.

whether to choose a specialist or a jack-of-all-trades

whether to choose a specialist or a jack-of-all-trades

For new startups, company owners may prefer to choose individuals that can handle multiple responsibilities. But as the startup grows and stabilizes, they may prefer individuals that can offer specific skills.

4. Immediate Value

The average applicant has a list of skills, interests and experience that they can offer to the company. However, a worthy candidate will provide the startup with an actionable plan, or a summary of how their skills can be directly applied to the company.

Discuss with candidates

Discuss with candidates about what they can immediately offer to the company, in order to get a better idea of whether the applicant is truly qualified.

5. Passion

Nowadays, hiring managers receive applications and resumes from hundreds of qualified applicants, each with their own impressive list of skills and experience. However, the challenge arises from finding an applicant that shares the same passion as the company.

Try to gauge the applicant’s interests, and what motivated them to apply for your company. Finding the right talent for your startup can be a challenge, especially with the increasing number of applicants looking for a job. By considering the following tips, startups can find the best choice possible.

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