After Facebook update on Page “in-sights“, Google released small update on Gmail and Google plus. Google is a gigantic Search engine and surviving without for students, Techs, designers is no way. Google plus has made a great impact on social networking with new features which you all ready know.
The Google plus made a drastic effect on Facebook.
day by day the Google Team has made some changes in Gmail new features and themes, as well as in Google plus. Just now we noticed that G-mail and Google plus added a new features called ” Roll over effect ” and while using gives more easy navigation than before.
Try yourself, and hope there will be more features or updates.

Preview of New Google Plus

google plus new features

Add us on Google plus

Add our AnimHuT page- ” Graphic and webdesign blog ” in Google plus.

Gmail new look

gmail-updates December 2011

Easy Navigation - Hover above google logo

Any how its just a small changes -usually you to click on the top navigation bar. Now you can just rollover it and make the current page more minimalism.


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