After New StumbleUpon Redesign this Beta version is look alike Pinterest. StumbleUpon added more features like Trending page, Add List feature, StumbleUpon DNA, activity. Last year StumbleUpon made a major re-designed to his website, which was effective and at the same time not so user friendly. Stumbling and sharing is heck for new users as well as old users. The amount of traffic decreased – the new paid discovery took place. At first we got 60% of traffic from them and it reduced (now we tackled that with Organic Search), for the reason you can share your content to your followers that easily like the old StumbleUpon page.

Recently there was an update which mentioned by them as “StumbleUpon Beta 2012“, at first it looked awesome then i got a feel of “pinterest“(sure it will be good in terms of sharing – but Share to all feature is not available). If you are new StumbleUpon then you might love to know how it looked before and then compare with your new designs.

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StumbleUpon Redesigned on December 2011 and Download Vector freebies of StumbleUpon new icons 2012.

StumbleUpon Beta 2012 Redesigned

We are going to write about Pros and cons of new StumbleUpon Beta 2012 version:

1. Old StumbleUpon Design (before Dec2011)

The Old design shows more number of Shares and Likes, reviews easily for navigate. then came new StumbleUpon design which have minimal designs and every time you have to go with profile page to StumbleUpon your received shares – which is annoying.

Previous StumbleUpon Homepage 2012

With Huge Thumbnails it gave enrich look and you can StumbleUpon on your favorite topics. once again i would like to mention here even using iPad or iPhone version (two updates already made) Stumbling is made easy but clearing the inbox what our mutual friends share is difficult.

New StumbleUpon Beta 2012 Redesigned

New Beta Version of StumbleUpon 2012

New Beta Version of StumbleUpon 2012

Stumbleupon Beta 2012 Redesigned
They added new design with StumbleUpon DNA features in this update. Hope they make iPad version more user friendly than before. and they should give an option of saving images from the App. Now we are going to preview some default changes made to your profile. Before turning into beta version try this or if you changed to new designs no problem from the settings and lab option you can turn off the “beta version” for a while.

StumbleUpon Interest based on your Filters

StumbleUpon Interest based on your Filters

This page shows your Interest upon your filters you selected while creating your new account, however you can change it.

StumbleUpon Activity page

New StumbleUpon Activity page (beta version)

Here it will show your websites from StumbleUpon experts, these are some stumblers that like and discover popular websites, videos and photography.

Trending Popular Stuff on StumbleUpon Page

Hot StumbleUpon Trending Page

Hot Trending Page for Stumblers

This is the new Trending page, where you can see the newest and hottest websites, articles, photos that is currently curating in the StumbleUpon network. And i would like to say a great place for completely new way for users to Stumble.

StumbleUpon Lists – Beta Version

New StumbleUpon List

New StumbleUpon List in Beta version

This one is like a pinterest new groups to add your favorite links and make followers apart from your over all likes you done before. This will filter the great content from usual inspiration stumbles you made earlier. We are very much inspired with the list features. now my followers can share and follow my new created List.

Note: we have explained about the “New StumbleUpon Beta version Homepage” and we ill move to Profile and StumbleUpon DNA with details. Before that you can Follow us in our newly created StumbleUpon List and we will create more to make you Inspired and stay creative.
Join AnimHuT StumbleUpon List

Join AnimHuT StumbleUpon List now

Follow us on StumbleUpon List.

New StumbleUpon Profile

Previous version of the new StumbleUpon page was similar to old Facebook profile page. now it looks like Pinterest Profile page. Here you can add Only text Content in your “about me” section. so we cannot add our Homepage and any other rich graphical images we used to add earlier.

Stumbleupon New Profile 2012

StumbleUpon New Profile 2012

Yes, this seems to look like some other social website like (Pinterest and other micro websites) or may be my eyes are getting old if I’m wrong. The way you stumble your likes will reflect your new “StumbleUpon DNA” with colorful representations.

StumbleUpon DNA

What is StumbleDNA?

What is StumbleDNA? features

This feature is like Facebook Mutual Friends and a quick way to see what you and other Stumblers have in common.Your Stumble DNA is a representation of your Likes you did for the community. Every time we stumble randomly or particular interest upon our mind. so if you are very much into Psychology or Funny Animals then the meter shows a large percentage of them in your profile. Which will be a great understanding for your new users to know more about you and you can join with the other stumblers from the same kind.
DNA Categories

DNA Categories – Which one you are ?

Hope you got some idea about the new beta version, if you like you can switch to new version and in labs you can give feedback about the new design and if you don’t like them you use your previous version, by unchecked the Lab option. We love the Share Popup option to share – but they would have added select all option. what if we have 12K followers ?. Any important notes about redesign we are missing, kindly mention in the comment section.

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