YES ! We are very much excited and we wish you all happy new year 2012.
May this year brings every happy, love and peace. with lots of prosperity, creativity and success.

We like to thank you all for behalf our blog. Our special thanks to God, my parents and sister who help me and gave courage.

Next to my advertisers, sponsors, friends, readers and fans.

Get Ready for our AnimHuT 3.0 Upgrade. in our upcoming post we will inform you with more details.

lets Check out our First Post !

Two days back [ last year] 😛 we posted on google wishing everyone with its google doodle a ” happy new year ” eve.

And Today they have changed Different Google Doodle for the Year 2012.  We can mention them as 2012 First Google Doodle of this year.

Below is the preview of today’s Google Doodle year and after a jump – Google Doodle appearing on some countries which still awaits to celebrate NEW YEAR 2012

New Year's Day

" New Year's Day " Google doodle 2012

old Google Doodle Wishes ” Happy New Year 2012 “

This will show until every countries get there NEW YEAR 2012



Have a Wonderful Year Ahead!

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