From the Childhood We love Dragons – Mystical Creature, and some believe as their zodiac sign. For Chinese Culture This Year 2012 is very special one.
It symbolizes a good fortune and sign of intense power that is why it is very much concerned even though ” Dragon ” is a only animal that is not real if you look into their Chinese Astrology.

Today’s Google Chinese Homepage Celebrates with ” Dragon New year ” Doodle.

Google Doodle : Chinese Dragon New Year 2012

doodle Chinese New Year 2012

Google Doodle : Chinese New Year 2012

Dragon (zodiac)

Japanese dragon, Chinese school, 19th Century

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important festivity in the Chinese calendar. The origin of Chinese New Year is itself centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and traditions. Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations, such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and also in Chinatowns elsewhere. Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese and has had influence on the lunar new year celebrations of its geographic neighbors.
The Dragon (simplified Chinese: 龙; traditional Chinese: 龍), is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar, and the only animal that is legendary. The Year of the Dragon is associated with the earthly branch symbol 辰 via [source]

Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. In China, it is known as “Spring Festival,” the literal translation of the Chinese name 春節 (Pinyin: Chūn Jié), since the spring season in Chinese calendar starts with lichun, the first solar term in a Chinese calendar year. It marks the end of the winter season, analogous to the Western carnival
Although the Chinese calendar traditionally does not use continuously numbered years, outside China its years are often numbered from the reign of the Yellow Emperor. But at least three different years numbered 1 are now used by various scholars, making the year beginning in AD 2012 the “Chinese Year” 4710, 4709, or 4649.

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we explained each google doodle for better understanding.

Download Dragon New year wallpaper

Year of the Dragon 2012

Chinese Dragon New year Wallpaper 2012

Chinese Dragon New year Wallpaper 2012

via download wallpaper

The Dragon 2012 wallpaper

Chinese Dragon New year Wallpaper 2012 via Download Wallpaper
Hd wallpaper dragon

Chinese Dragon New year Wallpaper 2012 via Download wallpaper
Chinese new year dragon 2012

Chinese Dragon New year Wallpaper 2012 via download wallpaper
Win 7 dark red 2012 Wallpaper

Chinese Dragon New year Wallpaper 2012 via Download wallpaper

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