We started our day with some funny videos and inspirational quotes. Its time to read tweets @animhut , while I visited the homepage of twitter – it was different and again and again we refreshed.
We didn’t get any updates from twitter of the redesigned Twitter homepage. Last night also we checked the Twitter having a homepage which look like a Facebook homepage – which you know well.

I don’t know its a Spam or Phishing site we landed or really twitter home page got new designs [testing] , after trying from many browsers the same homepage we got. After a while it turns back to be the old one – may be they are testing. we can save only one homepage preview due to technical issue.
we don’t guarantee that twitter got its new homepage or its spam – we give this decision to yourself. You Decide.

New Twitter Homepage
Twitter got new Homepage

Twitter got new Homepage ? or spam

Twitter got New Facebook Like Homepage

(old update)

Twitter got New Facebook Like Homepage

old update - Twitter got New Facebook Like Homepage

From twitter blog the latest update is on Thursday, December 08, 2011. but any how mashable, So there will be new updates in redesign soon from twitter.

UPDATE : its Not a SPAM – TWitter Got New Homepage – Enjoy


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