I am a big fan of Ricardo Gimenes’s illustrator works, he created many caricature or illustration for many blogs and working in smashingmagazine. He made a mascot for thewebblend. I admired his words, which has a taste of humor and creativity in his art.

Vectorlooza is a vector illustration App that was exclusively designed for tablets. With several tools you can create beautiful vector illustrations from start to finish.

The idea of Vectorlooza is to bring gestures shortcuts, precise pen tool (you will know exactly where to place the anchor points), besides having a clean and intuitive interface. After all, this is an App built by an illustrator and for illustrators. And thanks to the intuitive interface, even if you are a beginner, you will be able to create your own drawings!

Check his Video about the Vectorlooza !

This App is supported by Smashing Magazine for iOS and also is planned to be developed for Windows RT and Android.

Fund this Project for Creativeness

1. FOR R$ 10.00 OR MORE – 5 BACKERS:
With this pledge I will personally thank you via email and your name will be added to the Acknowledgements List on the app.
2. FOR R$ 3.000.00 OR MORE – 1 BACKER
With this pledge you will receive, beside the advantages of the first two pledges, a homepage design or redesign (psd and eps files)
(Limited, 20 pledges) – you can pay how much you can !
animhut supports vectorlooza
Need USD 10.000 for the last part of development(iOS) and crowd-funding fee. only few days are left.
help vectorlooza

we are not affilliated for this post or not asked by richard. We share this article as an illustrator for a vector app. Support his project and for more information here.

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