Popular Pinners from Pinterest, asking for redesigned Upgraded version for the new social networking site “pinterest” which is used by millions compare to Facebook and Twitter. Now the Pinterest Community made a new different look with advanced version with elegant and clean features.

AnimHuT – design blog is doing great in Pinterest for the viewers there and others around the world. And we are so excited to welcome the new designs, remember you can retrieve back to the old look from the drop-down menu in the right-hand side.

We will be going through a new screen-cast of new Pinterest layout – yet they are not so responsive like other social media sites.

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Pinterest Old Look Vs Pinterest New Re-designed Version

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The following Preview of the Pinterest features Image are huge is size. click on the image for a Full View !

Pinterest Team are testing a new look for Pinterest with a small group of pinners – if your Pinterest experience looks different, then you’re a part of this test and we are happy that AnimHuT is in the Selected Pinterest beta group.

Here we will be seeing the step-by step changes taken for the new Pinterest look.

If you don’t see the updated design yet – they will roll out to every Pinners soon.

Welcome to New Pinterest New version:
Welcome to New Pinterest

Pinterest Easy Settings Tab:
Pinterest Easy Settings Tab

Pinterest Bigger Thumbnail Preview:
Pinterest Bigger Thumbnail Preview

Pinterest New Profile Page View:

Pinterest Followers Preview:
Pinterest Followers
Pinterest Following Preview
Pinterest Following Preview
Pinterest New Pins Preview
Pinterest New Pins Preview

Pinterest New Likes Preview
Pinterest New Likes Preview
Pinterest “New Create a Pin” Preview
Pinterest - New Create a Pin
Pinterest “New Edit-Pin” Preview
New Edit-Pin
Pinterest “New Edit Profile” Preview
New Edit Profile
Pinterest “Easy email Notifications” Preview
Easy email Notifications
Pinterest New Bigger Pin for edit and Like Preview:
Pinterest New Bigger Pin Preview

Hope you loved the new redesigned Pinterest, we like to know your feedback. Do you like it or not ? Share your thoughts in your comment section. Kindly share this article with your friends and family.

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