It was about five years back when internet lovers were starting to go mad with social media networks. Though several social networks like Facebook, orkut, etc had already emerged by that time, people were really wishing to have something exclusive for photo sharing. We are humans who give our very first importance to visual things than anything else. Pinterest came up with the very same feature where online can share their photos and videos with others.

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Pinterest is a social sharing service which lets you to pin images, videos and other objects to your pin-board. It also comes with standard social sharing networks like content sharing, following other users, commenting, tagging users, photo sharing, video sharing, etc. Pinterest, with its evolution after Facebook has about 2.7 million users, which is just the same as that of Facebook. Like in Facebook and twitter, you get day to day updates of what the people you follow are pinning. These pins can also be shared on twitter and Facebook.

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Why Pinterest Interest?

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The most favorite thing about Pinterest is it covers two of the most spectacular interests of people. One – the visual content and two – sharing yourself. If ever you go through an image on web that really strikes you, with no question you can pin it on your Pinboard. It can be simply called an interactive scrapbook. Apart from using Facebook and other social networks, people prefer using Pinterest for planning their wedding, decorating their homes, remodeling their bathroom/kitchen, sharing their dinner recipes, etc.

Pinterest also lets you to make online purchases. If you are finding something interesting on Pinterest, you can make a purchase on it by just clicking on the source link. Hence, makes things easy for you.

Pinterest Features

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In order to join Pinterest, first of all you need to request an invite on the site. Your account will be terminated for access within few minutes. You can also login using your Facebook or Twitter account.

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What is a pin? A pin is an image or video that is pinned on your Pinterest profile. These pins can be taken either through a website or uploaded by the user. Boards are the topics in which the Pins are organized. These boards can be deleted or renamed based of the interest of the user. Like in twitter, you can follow other users even if they are not following you back. You can also follow all users in another user’s board. If you are logging in with twitter or Facebook, it would be certainly easy for you to search your friends who are already using Pinterest. There is also an option on Pinterest called Repin, where you can share an image pinned by someone you follow. Twitter’s ‘Retweet’ option is replaced in Pinterest by ‘Repin’.

Knowing the major significance of Pinterest, brands for retail, lifestyle, design, decor, travel, etc, which are visually focused have started to count their profit with Pinterest. So many social networks come and go. With its fabulous features, I would say Pinterest is certainly going to stand more than a decade.

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