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 Activate Pinterest Web Analytics

The basic steps to get your Pinterest account activates your web analytics for blog or website is to have a Pinterest profile with new re-designed look activated in your blog. The second main thing is to have your site verified in Pinterest. Ever wonder why the Pinterest team asking bloggers and designers, photographers of their blog to get verified.

If you haven’t verified your website or blog – do not panic now, you can do it within two minute. Here we give you a brief description “how to get verified in pinterest for your website or portfolio.

  • 1. Go to your profile and click on the pencil icon.
  • Enter your web address in the Website field and save the settings.
  • You can verify with an HTML file or a META tag via source

AnimHuT on Pinterest

Note: we tried to add the simple code to our header file, for some premium themes you cannot get it done correctly. So we prefer you to upload the HTML file to your root directory of your domain via FTP.

Activate your website or blog’s Pinterest Web Analytics in simple method

After you verified your website (you can that via a red tick sign in your Pinterest profile), Time to switch to your new Pinterest redesigned look by having a business account or list a website on your profile. Hover over the profile menu and click Switch to the New Look.

switch it to new look in pinterest

The main settings to get your analytics is ready now.

just refresh your page or go through your new Pinterest looks of pins and boards you created. Now hover the profile menu – you can see the analytics option. That’s it.

Pinterest Web Analytics
You got your Pinterest web analytics ready.

New Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest preview of web analytics

The above image describe how the web analytics of your blog or website getting traffic from Pinterest, pins and pinners you are getting.

These are very simple method – but many pinterest lovers haven’t added their website or verified. If you have any concern about the new pinterest look -let us know and in the mean time you can send your suggestion to the team of Pinterest.

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