Custom browser themes have become immensely popular today. Users are no longer content to use a boring, gray web browser. To combat this need, numerous custom designers have created themes based on popular products, people, brands, games and more. Consumers benefit by having a browser theme that reflects their personal tastes and preferences, but the benefits are not constrained to consumers alone. Brands also reap rich rewards here. How do custom browser themes help brands enjoy “more bang for their marketing buck”?

Brands Benefit from Custom Browser Themes – More Bang for Your Marketing Buck”]

Increased Attention

With a traditional website, you lose your connection to the consumer as soon as they navigate away from your page. That can be in as little as 20 seconds, which is obviously not enough time for you to enjoy any type of ROI. A custom browser theme keeps users in constant connection to your brand and marketing message. This open channel of communication ensures higher ROI than is possible through any other method.
This has interesting ramifications in other areas, as well. For instance, if a consumer with a custom browser visits your competitor, your brand will still be at the forefront of their mind. You will command their attention, even when they’re visiting another website.

Immersive Experience

Custom browser themes transform the browser’s interface, creating an environment that immerses the users in your brand. The gray header and footer are replaced with your branding designs, extending the reach of your brand far beyond what is capable with a website, or even with vaunted social media marketing.

Greater Audience Engagement

Custom browser themes are also excellent tools for creating greater audience engagement. These are not static environments – they’re dynamic and interactive. Advanced interactive themes draw your user in by providing a real experience, rather than being a passive portal to the Internet. With that engagement, you are able to keep your target audience informed, engaged and interested in what’s happening with your brand. Interactive themes can provide news feeds, Twitter streams, blog posts – almost anything that might interest your audience.

Address Needs as They Arise

Addressing the needs of your audience is vital, but it can be difficult. This is particularly true if the only connection to your brand is via your website. However, custom browser themes are updated instantly to keep up with changing needs and ensure that your customers are always kept in the loop. There is no other medium that can compete with this. For instance, even though changing your website is “instant,” it does nothing to actively inform your customers. Custom browsers take that problem out of the equation.

Direct Line of Communication

Opening up dialogue with your audience is vital. It’s the entire point behind social media marketing, after all. However, even social media does not provide you with the direct line of communication found with custom web browsers. By fully integrating your brand into a web browser, you keep maintain that line of communication at any time the consumer is using their browser. As the browser is the most frequently used program on a computer, that equates to immense communication possibilities.
As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a custom browser. Increased ROI, better brand loyalty and increased consumer loyalty are really only the tip of the iceberg.
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About the Author Patrick Murphy is the founder and CEO of Brand Thunder (BT). You can follow him on Twitter @brandthunder or Facebook. The team at BT creates persistent engagement between major brands and their online consumers with extreme makeovers for Internet browsers. BT’s new platform, in private beta, gives everyone the tools to build and share their own browser themes.


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