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Whether you are an individual looking to promote your own business or a large corporate no one can deny the power of branding. Clever branding allows small businesses to punch way above their weight and larger companies to dominate their chosen market sector.

Branding is incredibly subjective, especially during the early stages. Nothing divides opinion more. Subtle shifts of color and design can electrify an entire boardroom with each individual caught up in discussing tiny nuances, having heated arguments about the exact shade of a backdrop or discussing in detail the exact shape of the font.

Whilst being contemporary is generally a very good idea (unless you are seeking to push boundaries or market products and services that would benefit from a more retro look and feel) the enlightened among us might find ourselves wondering ‘does it really matter?’. The answer to that I think is both yes AND no, and here’s why.

Familiarity. Familiarity is vastly underrated. Whatever your logo/branding is, the key is to make people become familiar with it. Rather than breeding contempt (which of course over familiarity often does), people rapidly become comfortable with what is familiar, despite any initial thoughts to the contrary. Yesterday’s shout out logo that may have offended our sensibilities to the core is less of a shock today and tomorrow will have been fully accommodated into our psyche.
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Even the vague ripple of amusement, annoyance or shock that we initially felt will have given way to acceptance, we can’t change it so we’ll just get on with it. Of course, there are logo’s which are designed to cause a more lasting shock impression, those that have been created perhaps by protest groups or companies wishing to tug on a particular emotion, but for the vast majority a professional image is what they are trying to convey. One person’s idea of professional however, may be vastly different to another’s so many companies choose instead to play it safe by going for the holy grail of ‘memorable for all of the right reasons’.

When it comes down to buying decisions, do customers really make decisions based on the appearance of logos? In certain fields yes, such as clothing branding and so on. But it is really what is associated with the logo that makes the difference, not the logo itself.

A logo that looks ridiculous but conveys the brand message well, may edge out competitors.

Obviously reaching out to your target market is what is really important. What are you trying to say and who are you trying to say it to? What are they likely to respond best to? Your logo may create an indelible impression, but it should be inextricably linked to your brand values and serve as nothing more than a visual cue.

Notice the effect that branding has on you next time you walk past a display stand. Is it the logo and choice of colors that speak volumes? Possibly, some colors and color combinations have already been programmed into us by decades of advertising to mean certain things (e.g. blue and grey are considered ‘corporate’, pink and purple are often used to target women), however what are you left with afterwards? Is it an overall feeling about the color and style of logo, or about the brand itself?

Female Design Contributor:
Nicola Wilson is a mommy blogger from the UK, she is currently working for Merit Display, seehere part time whilst running a family and looking after her children. Nicola has a huge interest in design and marketing.

This is real power of the display stand or bill board, not the visual itself, but the message it conveys. So what do you think of this article and share your feedback. Kindly share this, if you like it! Submission of portfolio of talented artist and logo designers are accepted.

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