Today one of our friend FlashMint`s Special day, Yes they are celebrating There 5th anniversary and having a massive bundle to all the readers. We wish them all success from our team and readers.

5 years ago on September 14, 2005 three brainy friends have decided to change the world of the Web. They’ve begun from nothing, their company was small and the team consisted of three guys only. But thanks to their persistence, patience and great skills, this company developed from a small online shop into a huge templates marketplace! It’s the story about the birth of FlashMint, a leading provider of flash templates and different wholesome flash products!

Today guys at FlashMint are celebrating their 5 years anniversary! Now FlashMint is known as one of the best providers of website templates, flash components, Facebook templates, wordpress themes and other miscellaneous products. It collaborates with international leading companies in Asia and Europe and stays abreast of all modern technologies. In order to enlarge the variety of products and services FlashMint is searching for new partners all over the World!

Presently FlashMint provides their clients with following kinds of templates:

● Flash templates;

● Flash CMS templates (5 different CMS systems);

● Flip Book templates and Flash XML builders;

● Jquery templates and CSS templates;

● Joomla, Oscommerce and PrestaShop templates;

● WordPress templates; ● Facebook templates;

● PowerPoint presentations and business cards.

If you are going to launch any kind of web presence, these miscellaneous templates are just what you need. All the layouts are highly interactive and technologically advanced.

Don’t hesitate to buy flash templates or not. Today is just the right time to make the decision! FlashMint has prepared a wonderful birthday present for their customers, clients and friends. It’s an anniversary package of 50 awesome templates. You have a great chance to buy it only for $25! Not $25 for a template, but $25 for all 50 effective layouts!

Anniversary package includes:

5 flash templates;

5 flash CMS templates;

5 flash components;

5 flash flip book templates;

5 WordPress templates;

5 Joomla templates;

5 jQuery templates;

5 ecommerce templates;

5 Facebook templates;

5 business cards.

All these templates are not only eye-catching, high-quality, but also they are easy to use! Layouts come with according source files and read me file and there’s also support information.

It’s a really stunning discount and amazing offer! Don’t miss the opportunity to buy FlashMint anniversary package so profitably, it will be available only during 7 days starting September 14.

Don’t forget about the licensing and terms of use:

● You can use one template to create one website only.

● You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of FlashMint products.

● You may not place any of FlashMint products, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind without anterior written consent from

● You may not sub-license, assign, or transmit this license to anyone else without tentative agreement with FlashMint.

The terms of use are standard. The proposition is really worth-while, so don’t miss it! Save your money, efforts and time and create the best website for your customers with FlashMint! Follow this link to review the whole bunch of templates included in the anniversary package.

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