Millions of Readers/visitors will read your blog latest article or Crawl through blog article or review about design goodies you wrote, If you provide them with Good content. Google Crawlers or robots love Fast Loading website same as readers do.

But what if your Site is loading very slow ?

Animhut presents Free MaxCDN 1TB
For New Bloggers or Popular Graphic and Web Design Blogs should consider SEO-Rich Article to drive traffic from organic traffic, to do this your site should load fast.
User’s wont stay long enough for example 30-45s for a page to load. They simple close the page and move on to other sites.

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Time you started feeling Sick of your Own website/blog ?

Google Hate Slow loading website
In our Next article we let you know what are the essential way to optimize your blog for better performance. Even you Optimize your site, there will be a downtime or Your web hosting server ran out of bandwidth they provide you.
In that case, even though you get traffic from social networking like GOOGLE+, Facebook or Twitter – readers cannot view the page or your blog is down.

How to Turbo Charge your Blog’s Loading Time ?

Get MaxCDN 1TB Free
MaxCDN is best for Content Delivery Network for Websites with Photography articles or related to website which has tons of resource stock image sites. We are using MaxCDN Service for more than a year and they are awesome, even their price is low if its for second year payment. Customer service – you will speak to person not a auto-initiated engine.
August is SpeedAwarenessMonth and Free MaxCDN for Everyone who sigh-up this august 2012. Before sigh-up you should watch this video on how MaxCDN works ?

Ready for the Sigh up ?. Note they informed us that They are providing this Free 1TB if you sign up before August 2012. Remember we are not paid for each sign up. This is free to everyone and purchase for the second year or when your 1TB used – you will be billed. You will be excited to renew this for the second year with out any doubt. Start Blogging !


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If you are an already MaxCDN user you might tell your friend who is in need of CDN feature for blog. If you have any issue or regarding the offer kindly contact maxcdn for further details.

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