As designers we often receive requests from clients for help with marketing their businesses. We’re seen as the creatives that can assist with new ideas and great designs. Print marketing materials such as glossy flyers and tri-fold color brochures should always be considered because they can help a business grow and prosper.  They can be used in an array of situations and when coupled with graphic designs that are innovative and artistic they can be used to communicate a variety of messages.

For instance club flyers are often distributed before an event at local night clubs and bars.  They can be distributed easily to patrons a few weeks prior. They can also be distributed on cars parked nearby in an effort to attract new customers. Designs for printed flyers can range from including graphics and images of the band playing or main event, to using unique die cut shapes.  Flyers can also be used to market an array of businesses from window washing to local pizza shops.  They’re an incredibly affordable option. If designed creatively, they can do wonders for promoting a product or service.

Brochures are typically printed on glossy paper and are used to provide initial information on a business. They can be distributed in person at events such as a sales meeting or a trade show, or they can be mailed directly to customers.  Brochures have enough space so the design can easily include several paragraphs about a business, a logo, photos, and contact information.  A more conservative business like an accounting firm will use a much different graphic design than a recycling company. The graphic layout and colors used speak volumes about a business and what they offer.

The next time a client asks you what they can do to help their business, consider printed flyers and brochures.
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