Another simple method to create user friendly mobile site for your readers and corporate clients. The world is moving along with digital trends and desktop version is too. Building a feature-rich website is an attractive option for businesses building new sites: but many people forget that they aren’t just building sites for powerful web browsers, but lightweight, efficient mobile apps and browsers, as more and more people turn to portable devices for their internet needs. With that in mind, here are five tips to make sure your website is mobile-ready:

How to create mobile friendly websites
1.Simple site design

The most essential step to having a mobile-friendly business site is to keep it as simple as possible: the less material a smartphone or tablet has to load, the faster users will be able to navigate it and get the information they’re looking for. Keep home page designs simple and free of complex Flash scripts or sliders, and utilize WordPress plug-ins like WP Touch Pro to get your Namecheap-hosted site ready for reading on the go.

2.Work from the top/down

Think of your website like a newspaper: the most important information should be at the top of the page (what is traditionally known in journalistic circles as “above the fold”). Use something like iPadPeek to see what your site is going to look like on a tablet: that initial screen people will see when directed to your home page is the most critical part of your mobile site design. Put the most valuable, attention-grabbing information and headlines up there: a convoluted home page with a lot of useless links or vague writing at the top will only direct people away from your site (and quickly).

3.Go big or go home

Although we recommend to keep all rich media to a minimum and font sizes consistent, people still need to design websites with attractive images and engaging text to bring readers in, especially on the beautiful HD screens of many smartphones and tablets. The best way to do this when designing a mobile site or adapting a web-based site hosted at via here is to think big: large, concise headlines, and finger-friendly buttons go a long way to encourage interactivity with site headings and sub-sections.

4.Use goMobi for a one-stop solution

If you’re hosting a site with HostPapa, there is a great suite of mobile-site creating tools waiting at your fingertips: every account comes with a free 30-day trial of goMobi’s services, which will help you build and get a mobile version of your site up and running in a matter of hours, not days or weeks waiting for someone to complete a complicated design. This step couldn’t be easier, leaving all the design and optimization tasks to the professionals (and after the free trial, can be continued for $6-10 a month).

5.White space is your best friend

This tip goes hand in hand with the first one: along with keeping things simple, managing your use of white space on both web and mobile is key to having a visually appealing website. Too much text makes a site look cramped – and by the same token, too much empty space turns a website into a useless vista. A simple eye test will help determine what is too much: if your eyes can’t focus on the most important content on the home page immediately, there’s likely some room to simplify and clear space.

Anticipate smartphone/tablet features and incorporate them into your design

A little tip for the behind-the-scenes construction of mobile sites: making them compatible with popular apps and features is an easy way to maximize the functionality of your site with a little bit of effort. The easiest way to do this? Take advantage of the natural capabilities of many devices: including a map on your site makes it easy for people to find you, and click-to-call (or email) links ensure that people can contact you quickly and efficiently.

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