For those who love to work daily on creativity related jobs or productive work like animator, graphic designer or even cartoon artist are all inspired by comic and animated featured TV shows and movies from 80s-90s.

As for meme or we proud to say we are from the generation where our life is awesome and fantasy. Not like today’s some children who spend on gadget or depend on them.

When we watched this video from a source, we thought to share with our readers.

animation movie list from 1937

Love Animation Movies ? Check out 243 Movie Title in One Video

This 4 minute video presents titles of animated feature films in order from 1937 to 2012 year. Which were produced in the USA. This video consists only 243 titles. Titles were selected in accordance with the ranking of IMBD and only the first part of the sequel was selected for video. So stay tuned for more videos from them.

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