Video quality is no longer limited by resolution, but instead by stabilization. Fluid camera movement can make the difference between ordinary video and captivating, cinematic footage. But fluid video has been impossible to capture without bulky, expensive equipment. That is… until now!

We build portable and versatile equipment that enables filmmakers to captivate with motion. Our products are designed for expansion with the cinetics connect™ quick attachment system.



CineSkates™ are a set of three wheels that quickly attach to a tripod and enable fluid, rolling video in an ultra-portable package. Using state of the art skateboarding technology, they “pull off sophisticated-looking camera moves with the nudge of a finger”, as Fast Company put it, or “Smooth-Flowin’ Video Genius” in Gizmodo’s words.

Preview of CineSkates Camera Sliders

but best of all they can be yours for “spare change compared with what you might pay for similar pro-level gear” says CNET.
Editor note : This is definitely good for photographers to take fluid shots. but its little bit expensive – above all you can try this for small professional cameras. can spend on this if you are not able to buy the very expensive camera.

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