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Category: Viral Videos

Emotional and Beautiful Animated Video From Phantom Power

Today’s viral video about a man travels to a secluded clearing in the woods and opens portals to his past in order to reflect on his relationship from his recent breakup. The video shows how it affects him and what he going to do it – was exceptional. The story as described in the video as follows – He accidentally lets the past bleed though to the present and is confronted by the reality of his entire relationship all at once, only to decide to put the past behind him. Emotional and Beautiful Animated Video Are you a graphic...

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Concept of What Our Future in Space Might Look Like – Wanderers

We like to go ahead with motion graphic inspiration of Space and Solar system. We are not talking about Interstellar Movie. The short film known as “Wanderers”, a digital film recreated the original space and planets location with the concept of what our future in space might look like. If we are moving to other planets or migrating humans for new civilization – this video gives a nice brief idea. The short file was created by Erik Wernquist. Wanderers is a vision of humanity’s expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future...

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Strange Beautiful Love Story Between Nature and Human – Upsetter

In our blog, we shared very creative videos and short-films curated by many artist around the globe. Today we are featuring a video about beautiful nature theme and strange at the same time. For many users, how they take this video – as we can say pure form of art or Primitivism. This video created by Encyclopedia Pictura, founded by Isaiah Saxon, Sean Hellfritsch and Daren Rabinovitch. They’re a directing team working in film, art, community building, and agriculture. They are co-founders of along with Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein and hacker Andrew Sliwinski. About this video: A primitive women makes a man or creature from the grasses and sticks. Living in woods with lifestyle of wildlife and lust for the man emerges. Which provoked the creature and followed her and when she couldn’t find her, She turns her into similar adapting nature – makes love. We ask you to watch this High-definition. Short Film: A Beautiful Yet Strange Love Story Between Nature and Human Let us know about this video and if you like this – kindly share in on social media. We are accepting artworks and portfolios – just tweet us with your design...

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Blur Studio’s Animation Reel of Famous Movies and Games

Animation and VFX effects are getting popular and upgraded by each film produced. We love those movies from Star Wars Episode IV to Recent Movies. For creative people who worked in the same medium of works know how it’s made or learn the different effects of animation and how they are created. And movie entertainers love them with few among them search for which studio or company created famous movies and games they have watched or played. To bring the insight of those companies we are featuring this video post. The official animation reel from the studio is important, synchronize it with all the movies they created. Like vfx artist or graphic designers who’s portfolio is speaks more – animation studio has to present their works and it the right format. They showcase and share some important works and backstage facts in their official website only. So here it is “watch blur studio’s animation reel of famous movies and games”. Famous Movies and Games Animation Reel All images and videos shared here are copyrighted to respective owner. In 2004, Blur was nominated for its first Academy Award for original short film, “Gopher Broke.” This is one of five original films that we have written, directed and created over the years to develop original content and build a solid pipeline that can expand for feature film production. We have several...

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Meet “Johnny Express” A Delivery Man doing Hilarious Things in Space

Over the Internet, we have watched all funny and hilarious animation videos about cat or delivery man doing stupid things and get fired. But not all are idiots. This hilarious animation video is about famous johnny express who travel in space and deliver goods around galaxies. Where many planets are recommended hims. Every time he tries to finish his work aka complete his task – make some trouble around the planet.   Now he landed on a planet where he make the most worst delivery in his record which is funny and creative too. Thanks to Korean animation studio...

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