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[Infographics] Why Magento is Best Ecommerce Platform ?

Today’s infographics on ecommerce in our blog about what makes magento a best platform when a client build a ecommerce website. And welcome another new author to our blog – Sam zaman. Several reliable systems are available with regards to setting up a successful ecommerce site. It is also certain that a lot of them have capacities and attributes which are attractive, but what remains a fact is that not all of them deliver the tools you need for success. It is projected that, by 2019, more than $3.5 trillion dollars will be spent online. You will therefore need...

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Infographic on How Entrepreneurs React to Failure ?

Today’s Infographic on how different types of creative people or Entrepreneurs how they react to failure, which they get during the path of start-up success. Some of these people react to failure like they stick to them with negativity upon them and others who took those failures as inspiration to make success next time and learn from mistakes to do more successful things on their current project or new business – That’s what Entrepreneurs do. Todd Polke created Info-graphic for people who react to failure and with cute illustrations and content made in stack is fun to read. No...

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Infographic on The Best eCommerce CMS for Magento

Today’s infographic on most popular eCommerce CMS which used in Magento. Magento’s has lots of features and free Magento’s extension with themes for customization made easy. Any ecommerce venture can only dream of success if the platform empowering the web portal is smart, sophisticated, and scalable. Magento is all this, and more; no wonders it is the market leader in the ecommerce CMS service space with more than a quarter of the market share! With a WYSIWYG styled website building interface riding on professionally designed free to use store-front templates, and backed up by strong SEO and marketing tools,...

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Infographics: Popular WordPress SEO Media Plugins

WordPress’ success as a CMS and blogging platform owes a lot to the effectiveness of the SEO and social media plugins it flaunts. Functions such as automatic linking of keywords and phrases with relevant posts, submission of sitemap to search engines, and wholesome SEO orientation of your website are best performed with WordPress SEO plugins. Not only do these plugins perform smart search engine optimization functions such as prompting users to key in focussed keywords, improving Rich Snippet view, optimizing RSS, breadcrumbs and creating internal links by highlighting the anchor texts, but also make quick tasks such as 404...

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How Coffee Affects Our Brain – A Videographic for Coffee Lovers

Creative videographics shows that coffee is bad, even the Ethiopia goats accepting the fact. But you should know, “How much coffee is too much coffee ?“. When you consume more – Myself a coffeeholic for many years. Now consuming coffee and tea with right quantity. This video shows, what will coffee do – there is a fact on both sides. It gives you the energy to the world and kick start your brain while working or gets sluggish during the project. While designing, consumed much coffee than tea(they have their own medical goodness). Let us share some interesting facts...

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