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Download Google+ Comments Plugin for WordPress Blog

Like Facebook comment plugin for Premium WordPress blog, Google+ comments WordPress plugin is available now for free download. These plugin, which can be enabled for your blog comment section or replace the default comment system. Brandon Holtsclaw developed this plugin – you can check more about the plugin in his blog. We tried this plugin in our blog – everything looks fine with WordPress default comment system and Disqus comment system also, except these plugin width section in content area will be not same for every blog. However, you can edit and change the attribute section. Apart from this,...

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List of 20 New jQuery Plugins for Blog or Corporate Website

Adobe Flash is not used in blogs or commercial websites by many around the world. Which use to be create animated effects for your websites, designers and developers prefer CSS and jquery mostly. There are some popular companies like Wix – free website templates, which is fully occupied by flash to create your own portfolios for photographers and graphic designers. Today we are roundup with well-known jquery plugins for your next freelancing works. Those who visit your blog or e-commerce website, these effects make them pleasant while surfing in your site. Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source...

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WordPress Most Downloaded Plugin Infographics

To get a blog popular and reach vast audience – we need good content and hosting. Everything setup after this, we need good customization of blog for user-friendly and responsive in mordern world. WordPress plugins act as a main role, there are 22K plugins available in WordPress directory. But not everyone is good for your blog – as many forget to update with the latest database. Do not mistake me that only plugins shown here are worthy. My point is to mention the top plugins used. There are various plugins which used for particular blog categories. Our friend from...

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List of Primary WordPress Plugin for New Blogs

Every designers and artist are creating a blog for their branding, which helps to keep their career at its best. One of the leading company contacted us for featuring their Infographics about WordPress in our blog – which is very informative to our readers. In our Twitter conversation with a new users, he asked us “Which WordPress Plugin are you using for your blog ?” and i shared him few links – which turnout to be not so good for him. When he tried few plugins some are outdated, and his site was infected. It’s good he made a backup (which is a good practice for webmasters), so i am going to write only essential and primary plugins for our readers who like to start their own blogs. 7 Primary WordPress Plugin for Beginners There are 100’s of Plugin available in WordPress Extend Home. But you must use only plugins which are necessary for your blog and having many plugins for your blog make your site load slower. First Create a backup for your blog Database for preventing any errors – trust me, we have a experience of site not working due to some plugin. All in One SEO Pack WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines. This plugin is must for every bloggers let it be designers or techies. Alternative to this plugin...

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7 Hand Picked Responsive jQuery WordPress Plugins

Static page or Flash webpage is old fashion, where new kinds of WebPages style take over older version called “Responsive”. There are many experienced web designers, who make corporate sites or personal portfolio with different dimensions by adding Creativity and skills. WordPress Themes are famous for their security, user-friendly and CMS. From last decade, Mobile technologies taking a high pace in internet and social media like Facebook and micro-blogging site called “twitter”. Before standard webpage reforms into responsive facebook and twitter went ahead. You can use these sites in mobile [android, iPhone] or iPad. Respective contents shows according to the device we use – which is the future. Now all the new sites or premium WordPress theme started using and updating Theme in fully supported format. For those who like to use responsive to their theme which is static and redesigning is a tedious task, these plugins will be very helpful. We gathered few Responsive jQuery Plugins you might be interested. Flexslider FlexSlider was built to serve up the best responsive jQuery slider around. I had built a few implementations of responsive sliders on different client projects and noticed that there was a glaring hole for plugin support with the concept. I wanted to build a plugin that would serve the newest of beginners, while providing seasoned developers a tool they could use with confidence. What has come forth...

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