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[How to] Using Single Script to Add Pinterest Hover Button, Vote Button and Bookmark All the Images

Another “How-to” pinterest tutorial for businessĀ and now you can add Pinterest hover button, Vote count, any image button in blog using single script. We wrote two codex tutorial on Pinterest which is popular among bloggers and photographers to implement in their blog or website. Now you can add all Three Official Pinterest Buttons or Widgets in your blog or site using a single customized Pinterest Script. Bloggers and Photographers are highly beneficial from this script to promote Pin in Pinterest. After their frequent Pinterest new updates can create Three Different buttons into Single Script to reduce the load on...

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Download 40 Basic Zbrush Video Tutorials for Beginners [Updated]

Using “Pixol” technology the ZBrush is created and it is a digital sculpting tool for 3D artist. Zbrush is different from other 3D tools – based for sculpting like features than rigging and modelling. The potential creative work, we can create from this software is infinity. In this article you will get 10 basic ZBrush video tutorials from YouTube to get practise yourself and 30 in-detail downloadable ZBrush video tutorials for further training and master it. Learn 10 Basic After Effect Tutorials for Beginners Basic ZBrush Video Tutorials for Free Download Z Brush Basics video tutorial – Introduction To...

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Activate Twitter Cards using Meta Tag or WordPress Plugin for Approval

If you don’t use Yoast Seo plugin try this tutorial to add or Enable Different Twitter Cards using Meta tags or WordPress plugins to easily get approved. The basic guide to activate for your WordPress blogs or static websites. You have to remember after using plugins or adding opengraph to header.php – you need to apply for card validation and check with different types of Twitter cards before applying. There is an option to change your primary twitter cards – contact the support team. Why Twitter Cards for your Blog or Site is Vital In simple words to drive...

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Add Pinterest Pin-it Hover Button Over Your blog Images in WordPress

Om Shakthi Easy WordPress Plugin tutorial for beginner’s blog on how to add viral Pinterest hover button on your blog post images and articles you wrote to get huge traffic to your website or blog. Adding a official pinterest button from the site is to show the number of votes you get from each article. But adding those script based button only pins the Featured Image or Thumbnail in the WordPress blog. If you are using small thumbnail – getting traffic from pinterest to your blog is not so impressive. We will guide you in our next article on...

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Create your Self Portrait using 7 Elements of Knowledge

Andrew Myers teach us how an artist should have their vital 7 elements to create any art or design. This is not any regular or professional Photoshop video tutorials to learn. Instead of “How-To” factor, the artist explained to us, basic things which most of the designers loose while creating any masterpiece. Remember having lots of creativity and without any proper knowledge is lack in getting your desired output. What you need to create any creative work. [quote] 1 full bottle of creativity. 2 drops of vision. 1 small spoonful of passion. A splash of knowledge. 2 pumps of...

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