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Illustrator CS6 Tutorial: Create 3D Vector Retro Badge

Creating a vector badge in Photoshop or Illustrator for beginners are popular on design community. But giving a 3D depth to the vector badge is new and can be achieved in few steps. Author can makes the tutorial as basic as simple or complicated depends on the designer who is writing. We always try to make it short and detail, so that new designers or other readers can achieve it. I am using Adobe Illustrator CS6 version(demo), Created this vector retro badge in less than 3 minutes. I hope you do it more quickly than I did, You can...

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Quick-Tip: Valentine’s Adorable Bunny Adobe Vector Tutorial

First, I wish you a happy Valentines’ day wishes to my readers and new readers. Have Love and affection with your mate and throughout Year. Today we are going to create a simple adorable bunny for the occasion of Valentine’s Day! [box type=”download”] Wallpapers will available in next post – Stay tuned [/box] Step:1 Create a Circle by pressing (L) or click from the Tool menu ->Ellipse tool. Now you can Press (A) anchor-point shortcut key or the second menu in the toolbox. Now click on the Anchor Point at the lower point of the Circle or ellipse (as...

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Create Vector Twitter bird in 5 steps

Today we show you how to create a twitter icon bird in illustrator. Twitter is a powerful micro blogging, which crossed above 10th billionth tweets two days before. So tribute to the twitter we go through how to make them. We have already given the icon pack, this tutorial request from readers/friends asked me to write –this bird drawn using with pen tool. So digg in to the tutorial. Tutorial Details : 1. Software Used : IllustratorCS4 2. Tools : Pen tool(p) and Gradient Tool 3. Time Duration : 20 minutes – 30 minutes 4. Total Steps : 5 5. Attachments : Source file with Tutorial Pdf and Icons 6. ICON License : Personal and commercial purpose. No Re-distribution. Final Output : Steps :1 Drawing a shape using the PEN tool open a document in illustrator. ( Ctrl+N ) or file -> new. take a pen tool (P) and try to make a shape like this. Don’t worry if you don’t get the same shape. We are not using any default shape to make this , so the shape bit differs. And you can get even better shape ;). Now the shape look like this, the minimum nodes giev you more curvy. Step 2 : Adding the Gradient color to the body fill the shape with radial gradient. ( G ). The values are : Note : if you...

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Xmas Special | Create Xmas Ball in 5 Steps

Its Christmas today and everyone busy with holiday woks and purchase, so i created a very simple tutorial on creating a Xmas ball in 5 steps, Any how you can download the source file in our last post, here you can learn how to create it simple now. Step :1 Create a document 300*300px and draw a circle of 150px, the size of the document and circle dimension is your choice. Tip:To create a document use Ctrl+N or file -> new Step: 1-a, Fill it with Gradient #RGB – 29,172,67 and second slider value : #RGB- 9,54,10 and select Radial type. Step 2: Draw a holder with a pen tool above the ball and give the gradient type: linear. You can use black, white and gray color to make it as a shinny holder, which look like this: Step 3: Create a Hook by drawing the Inner Circle and give some dark gradient to look something different from the holder. Tip : the inner circle can be achived by placing two circles and using path finder delete it. Step :4 Create a star using the star tool found inside the shape tool and click on the document to give the values, choose 5 sides- it will be better, however more side looks good too. Step 5: Its almost fininshed but the ball need some shinny effect, to get that...

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Christmas Ornaments | Vector Pack #1

Today`s freebie will Christmas Ornaments vector pack #1 Christmas is near and this Xmas is first one after starting my blog, so i made icons for this occasion in vector format. This file contains 20 glossy vector Christmas ornaments. With stars in between them. You can edit and use this freebie for personal and commercial purpose without any restriction, however you cannot Re-distribute. If you like these icons you can share in your post and link back to here, so that user can download from here. File Type: AI CS4 (in lower version it gets sharp edges) License: Protected with MyOws -=-=- Now you can share this post with your friends. advance Xmas. soon we move to new...

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