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[How to] Using Single Script to Add Pinterest Hover Button, Vote Button and Bookmark All the Images

Another “How-to” pinterest tutorial for business¬†and now you can add Pinterest hover button, Vote count, any image button in blog using single script. We wrote two codex tutorial on Pinterest which is popular among bloggers and photographers to implement in their blog or website. Now you can add all Three Official Pinterest Buttons or Widgets in your blog or site using a single customized Pinterest Script. Bloggers and Photographers are highly beneficial from this script to promote Pin in Pinterest. After their frequent Pinterest new updates can create Three Different buttons into Single Script to reduce the load on...

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Activate Twitter Cards using Meta Tag or WordPress Plugin for Approval

If you don’t use Yoast Seo plugin try this tutorial to add or Enable Different Twitter Cards using Meta tags or WordPress plugins to easily get approved. The basic guide to activate for your WordPress blogs or static websites. You have to remember after using plugins or adding opengraph to header.php – you need to apply for card validation and check with different types of Twitter cards before applying. There is an option to change your primary twitter cards – contact the support team. Why Twitter Cards for your Blog or Site is Vital In simple words to drive...

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Add New Pinterest Button to “Pin it” all Images with Vote Count

How to enable new Pinterest button which “Pin-it” or bookmark all images with number of Vote counter is a new factor for every bloggers and pinterest fans seeking to implement for their blog or website. This technique will pin all the images + show the number of votes you got for each article and instead of one default thumbnail images for an article or post which contain 100+ images and we are sure you won’t like to pin only one default thumbnail. So let’s get to pin more and drive traffic to your blog. Why we Mash-up the new...

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Why Adding Social Media Share Buttons to Site Homepage is Must

The following article will be a basic guide for new bloggers only. Pro bloggers, who have gained thousands of readers following them and their blog trustworthy in social media in various platform – doesn’t need a basic tip like this.¬†Adding social media follow button to your blog gives you more readers as well as exposure to your new content when you publish. [note: this is me, when started my blogging as my carrier. lol. Helping new bloggers to not act like this] Mostly in early stage of blogging, adding so many social media vote buttons or banners like alexa,...

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List of 20 New jQuery Plugins for Blog or Corporate Website

Adobe Flash is not used in blogs or commercial websites by many around the world. Which use to be create animated effects for your websites, designers and developers prefer CSS and jquery mostly. There are some popular companies like Wix – free website templates, which is fully occupied by flash to create your own portfolios for photographers and graphic designers. Today we are roundup with well-known jquery plugins for your next freelancing works. Those who visit your blog or e-commerce website, these effects make them pleasant while surfing in your site. Via Source Via Source Via Source Via Source...

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