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Flash Tutorial: Create ECG scan lines in flash

This is the first flash tutorial posted in animhut. In this tutorial we are going to see how to create ECG scan lines. It’s really very easy to create this effect. It can be done in other easy ways also, but still then the reason why we make use of this method is because whenever the heartbeat is scanned or read the movement of the scan lines will be faster than the remaining part. So in order to control the speed there we make use of this method. Preview [swfobj src=””] Step 1 Open a new flash document of any size you desire with black background. Step 2 Go to View -> Rulers and switch on the rulers. Now drag vertical and horizontal guides at 50 px interval. Having those guides as base draw a grid on them of colour “111111” and thickness 3 px. Step 3 Now press ctrl+F8 and create a new empty movie clip. Then drag and drop that empty movie clip in a new layer. Now double click and go inside the empty movie clip. Then create a line of thickness 1 px and colour “4CE85C”. Convert it into a movie clip by pressing F8. Then go to Filters in the properties panel and choose glow option in that with the following settings. Blur X: 15, Blur Y: 15, colour: 4CE85C, Strength: 150%, Quality: High....

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