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Category: Text Effects

Tutorial:Create a stone textured text effect in photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to see how to create a stone textured text. Using this you can not only create text effects but also do a lot of creative stuff if you put in some more innovation. Here is the final output Final Output Step 1: Open the Document Open a document of any size you desire and type some text on it. It is better to use some broad fonts like what I have used so that the end result looks good. Step 2: Applying layer styles Now click on the add layer style icon available...

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25 Typography Effect Tutorial for Young Designers

Designers show their skills in various styles like poster, web design and more. The typography technique they use for designs and their artworks make them standout from the crowd. Here i mentioned some favourite text effect tutorials around the web. As a first part i shortlisted 25 tutorials which are famous and there are some new text tutorials in between them. So give it a try. We will continue this list in other post. Lets digg in !! 1.How to create retro-style text-effect in cinema 4d & photoshop | Link |   2.Water-color Text effect : Link :   3. Quickie-vibrant-pop-text-effect : link :   4. Slick supernatural text-effect :link:   5. Photoshop tutorial-making a rusty-text :link:   6.Vanity-license-plate 7.Papercraft-text-effect   8. Watercolor text painted on a wet-paper   9. Plastic Text effect   10. Create destructive black & white lettering with dramatic-splash-effect   11. Text effect using-light & shade to bring life   12. Create high quality metal 3d text   13. 3d textured text effect   14. Create transparent text effect with fresh grass texture & custom-brushset   15. Create funky retro wavy text effect in Photoshop   16. Splashing ocean text effect with lightning-background   17. Liquid-type text effect   18.How to make patch on-clothes   19. Design a rocket-powered retrofuturistic-digital illustration   20. Create gorgeous glassy text effect 21.Awesome floral-type fireworks and Photoshop 5 minutes...

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