Today’s infographic about Winter Olympics 2014. The Winter Olympic games always present something to marvel about. Even though lots of people cherish the games a lot, and they never miss out a season’s treat, there are interesting facts they don’t know. And if you are one of those people who love winter games, it’s time you test your knowledge on Winter Olympic trivia and learn some interesting facts about winter Olympic games that will mesmerize you and your friends. Here are questions and answers which might just surprise you for each day of the games in Sochi.

1. It’s a fact that fourth place finishers don’t earn medals, and they don’t go home empty-hand, as well. Now, what exactly do they receive?
The first 8 athletes in the competition receive a diploma from IOS. However, the first 3 receive medals and a diploma from IOS, as well.

2. When and where did the first winter Olympic game take place?
The very first winter Olympic game was held in Chamonix, France, and that was in 1924. Now, the modern day summer Olympics begun in 1896 in Athens.
3. Approximately how many medals have been won since the winter Olympics begun?
If you look at the IOC official website, you’ll find that there are approximately 1,300 medals that have been won since the games begun. However, the official names of each game that took place are engraved in Russian, English as well as French on the rim.

4. People have been wondering what does the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” mean in English language.
It only means faster, higher and stronger. It’s remarkable how the Father of Olympic games proposed the motto in the year 1894 after hearing the phrase from a Dominican priest Henri Didon.

5. Which of the American cities have hosted winter Olympic twice?
Lake Placid hosted the games in the years 1932 and in 1980. America also hosted the Olympics in Squaw. Valley in the years 1960 and 2002 in Salt Lake City.

6. Among the countries that have participated in Winter Olympics, which one of them has won the most medals?
Norway leads with 313 medals all through the 2010 winter Olympics. America is second with 274 medals.

7. Which 4 in-door games are a part of the winter Olympics?
You’ll be surprised to learn that speed skating is among them. There’s curling, figuring skating, as well as ice hockey.

8. Who is the youngest person to have won the Olympic championship in the winter games?
In 1998. US figure skater Tara Lipinski was awarded gold at the age of 15 after participating in winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

9. Where will the 2018 winter Olympics be held?
It’s going to South Korea, and it will be the first time winter Olympic games are being hosted in the country. They’ve only hosted the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul.

10. Who is the oldest medalist of the winter Olympic games?
Curler Robin Walsh is so far the oldest competitor to have won the medal in 1924. However, according to
InforPlease, the oldest man to have received a medal is 83 years old, and that’s none other than Anders Haugen. Unfortunately or fortunately, a Norwegian-American participant actually received his medal 50 years after participating in the same Olympic. It was due to the fact that a scoring error had been discovered in the year 1974.
Winter Olympics Infographic
There you have your facts right. You probably didn’t know any of those, but now you know. Spread the news to your family and friends who might be interested in winter Olympic games. Also check out this infographic for some more facts about the Winter Olympic Games.

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