Do you feel bad and sometime give useless excuses to your boss or corporate company – then please do not feel bad. Because this funny and creative excuses tips will add some interest as well as productivity to your daily works. The following infographics will gives you an different way to say excuses to your boss and some ideas, if you haven’t tried that before. But if your doing this again – you might run out of ideas. And we are not encouraging the creative employee or any workers who read this article to being late for work. Some ideas or lie they told “dog ate my homework” or due to my sickness i forget to finish my assignments – like that. Even though you are an employee who works hard – sometimes you might get delay to start your company work and it happens with everyone now and then, so do not feel sad and avoid those and concentrate on your works.
Did You know ?

According to a 2011 survey, 16% of workers report that they arrive late for work at least once per week. 27% confess to coming through the door behind schedule at least once a month. And our bosses appear to be even worse. A 2006 report reveals American CEOs don’t make it on time to eight out of every 10 meetings. Tardiness costs U.S. businesses more than $3 billion yearly in lost productivity.

Funny Excuses for Being Late to Work

You should use these tricks on your own risk !. was created in early 2006 and is the world’s most popular website devoted to simply being an online alarm clock. These guys have lots of different online click for your daily work. kindly check that out,
Best 16 Excuses for Being Late to Work #infographic

Via Source. So what are your excuses for being late to work or during school days. Share with us – if you ever told ! or simply share some new ideas for others.

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