For Freelancers or any medium of corporate business or family business, body language is important. To go ahead in business the human reaction – a vital part, now human interaction is gift for sixth sense and the way we use to presenting ourselves can make people comeback to our business. If you are success in your business and adding body language make a rise to extraordinary position. Above all you need network to performance it. The best fact on this is form of flattery and by reciprocating to your fellow person’s body language are comforting in the same page.

Humans can produce more than 700,000 signs with over 5000 hand gestures and around 250000 facial expressions. I think Jim Carrey does more than us. Apart from many interesting facts about this infographic – universally six visual languages present. Body languages are more accepted than voice and words.

How Body language plays a vital role in Business

From this infographic, we learn:

  • How to meet a potential client
  • How to present during a pitch
  • How to encourage to speak up and socialize with client in business
  • How to take charge of a team
  • How to nail an interview and deal with an angry colleague

How Body language plays a vital role in Business
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