Today’s infographic will be interesting for daily creative people who works in various corporate or freelancing field. Non-alcoholic beverages when used limited are good for health too.

I am a coffee lover or in other word “Coffee Freak” – there is pro and cons when you consuming more coffee in a day. For Tea lovers, who like to make a statement against coffee – you should check this “Tea Vs Coffee: which is good ?”

We love coffee inspired photography as a photographer too. This infographic gives a brief note on how or why you should use beer, coffee or both – when it comes to productivity or creative to kick start your work for daily life. We need to work with concentration to get it success. Now the beer helps to recover from all unwanted worries and makes you comfortable – but coffee helps you give more energy. This one gives creative ideas and other helps to exciting those ideas you got from beer. Even though both has side effects – so have it below moderate lever for a healthy day.

Share with us what is your favorite coffee or beer type to fellow designers.

Infographic on Coffee or Beer for Creativity

coffee and beer infographic
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