There is a big difference between digital photography of professionalism and snapshot photography from a digital camera. Ever wonder what kind of cameras are used by experts and normal people and shared in social media ?. Nowadays anyone can buy digital camera from various brand and start shooting. One might consider themselves that snapshot photography are those, which taken during family parties or birthday parties or campaign or school basketball time. When comparing them with professional photography as we featured many times in our blog.
You can see those are taken with right aperture and shutter speed to achieve it. While snapshot photos are taken for memories taken by friends with auto-mode most of the time. Today’s infographic will be snapshot taken by the US people and comparison. Do let us know your feedback or even share your photography in the comment section.

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Hope you like this infographic and do send us your artwork for featuring in our blog. We are facing some technical issue with regular updates. We relocated our place and internet is an big issue here, soon we will start updating regularly.

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