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Today’s infographic on X-Men series “Wolverine” which started 40 years ago. Like SuperMan logo infographic or you can name it as ‘Shield’ of his different costumes and logos which evolved from 1938. Wolverine was known by the name weapon X, weapon Omega and many more. We are going to go through each wolverine from the beginning – even when we didn’t exit.

They also mentioned, which constume of wolverine is long run while comparing with others. We like to know what series you have watched – kindly share that in the comment section. AnimHuT accepts submission of infographics, premium freebies and Photoshop tutorials. Let us know which type of infographics you like to see here.

Infographic on Wolverine

The following infographic created by halloween constumes, all images are copyrighted to the respective owner.

Infographic on Wolverine

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