After the News of NSA spying on us leaked by Edward Snowden[Guardian NEWS], PC users asking Anti-Virus companies that FBI’s Magic Lantern can be stopped, if we use your software.

You can Google it or read their forums.

In our modern digital realm, keyloggers are used by hackers and identity thieves to collect data without user knowing. Despite FBI’s denials, it has been found that Magic Lantern has been operational since 2005. It has helped the organization identity thievery and solve several cases involving harassment and extortion. Capable of installing, remotely, without the user’s knowledge, Magic Lantern, places a Trojan onto the target system which records and transmits information that is stored on the computer. Magic Lantern was, primarily, used by the FBI to track IP addresses, active programs, usernames, passwords, MAC addresses and Web browsing history.

First SOPA, now this ? If you didn’t know about SOPA and it’s effect – Read here.

Infographic on FBI’s Magic Lantern

The surveillance tool was added to the Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verified or CIPAV, in 2007, rendering its use illegal. What’s worse is that Magic Lantern has support from antivirus giants like McAfee and Norton who give it unrestricted access to the target system without taking any countermeasures. However, tools like F-Secure continue to be an obstacle in its path to unhindered penetration. Our infographic has a lot more details:
Ultimate keylogger used by FBI

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