We wrote an article earlier about “Donating Wikipedia” for students and other users who like to get information for there documentary and infographics. But many feel that Wikipedia is not so good, as there information is not accurate. However, as per the rules the documents or articles can be edited by anyone – some use it unprofessional. Another resource used by college students and all kind of users is Google Search, apart from Bing and Yahoo.

Internet professionals feels that, every PC which has internet connection for a family should have a parental control. If you make any typo-error in Google search, might possible to show results of inappropriate content for minors and family members.

Today’s Infographics will give some crucial tips for refining your search in Google, as well as some other great places to hunt down for your thesis. Basically the search terms are called “Operators” for more specific results in search.

Don’t Ask Google Questions !.

Google Search Tips and Tricks Infographics

Infographics on Google Search for Student’s Project

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