Like Anonymous Mask, which is a modern. Actually the Evolution of Mask started back in 7000 BC or more than 40,000 years ago. We are going to feature infographic for Halloween 2013 – which guide for your Halloween costume in cultural way.

This infographic will be interested for History lovers and Evolution curating people.

Masks played a most important part in ancient history for their designs on mask narrate unique meanings, which are unknown of certain culture. They played a key role in the ceremonies and rituals of human kind the early time itself, The purpose of mask is for disguise, protection, entertainment and changed in the development of people all round the world. The oldest preserved masks dated back to 7000 BC and the name “mask” work added in the dictionary in 1530s.

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Some believe the are older than they are – couldn’t find the time as they are made of wood and leather. Now you might ask ? how they can be an cultural guide to Halloween party this year or coming year ?

Learn the Design History First

Before you go through the different time of mask and you should know the old civilization here in Earth who used different kind of designs.

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The following infographic on Mask let you give some insight of different types of Mask

popular infographic on Halloween and Mask

History and Evolution of Mask

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Happy Halloween to Readers.

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