During 1950’s with the development of electronic computers in the beginning of modern era, the Internet was born. What if there are no internet in modern world ?, imagination gives creep beneath us. Thanks to great people, who made internet for us. Since the mid-1990s, the Internet has had a revolutionary impact on culture and commerce and instant communications.

The Avg has created simple and basic infographic information on History of Internet, which we think great resource for younger ones to learn it visually than reading it. we will be providing some excerpts of this partcular infographics for better understanding.

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1. 1969 – A connection is made between The University of California Los Angeles and The Stanford Research Institute – Arpanet is born; created by the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects (Darpa)
2. 1971 – The first virus – Creeper – created
3. 1973 – Arpanet users 35
4. 1976 -Apple founded
5. 1978 -400 Arpanet users receive the first ever spam email inviting them to a product demo and US National Science Foundation creates a non-military network for American universities

Infographics on Internet and Virus History in 19th Century

Infographics on Internet and Virus History in 19th Century
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This inforgraphics is must to learn some new things which our school did not taught. If you like it share it.

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