First you should believe yourself that “You Are Creative” – everyone is creative and has the imagination power to create something which does not exist. If you think you are not creative then even you cannot brush your teeth. The stress and depression is another way to get creative block. We will mention how to recover from those creative block. As per now we will concentrate on how to be more productivity using some simple ideas mentioned in this list.

There should be “definitive process” needed to achieve something or even to tickle the production of ideas, for eg: James Webb Young used his ideas to production of cars. In case if you need any idea or stuck with the loophole of no imagination – try these. Either you can follow these or share your own ideas with our readers to be more awesome.

5 Steps of Creativity Do Randomly

Be More Creative in 2014

How-to Be More Creative in 2014 With Simple Ideas

You should be curious to learn new things like kids ask questions how to do this and then. Follow those steps in your adult also. Kindly do not sit or wait for the inspiration to strike or get inspired automatically. But You have to go out and get those inspiration for you. Now you can browse all the information from their different niche or specific so that you can read it widely and have an interest in everything around you.

As we said earlier, Curiosity in life is the secret of great success for creative people. From the above steps, you collected materials in one place to get more information and innovative ideas. Now you can see how some facts are linking with each other and others don’t have relationship from other materials.

What Ray Bradbury said ” Don’t Think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity” There is some difference between thinking and imagination. Let you thoughts bubble away unconsciously. You have to drop the problems completely and then only you can turn on your imagination stimulation.

Ideas are to be appear in out of nowhere and you need a small notebook or digital app to note it. If you think you will remember it and recollect then you are wrong.

Some are unique and others are created earlier in decades ago, doesn’t mean you are copying there idea. We do have similar concept. and copycat something else idea is not good. It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong and others are right to deal with.
Always accept the critics you get for your works. You can learn more things. Even though there are some haters give you or boast with negative comments. Avoid it get the right ideas from your fellow friends. For more ideas and other tools, read this infographic we featured here.

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Infographic on How to stay creative

How-to Be More Creative in 2014 With Simple Ideas


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