Our first post after we updated to WordPress 3.8. Let us know if you enjoy the themes and new option. Anyhow old bloggers will surely miss the old classic dashboard. Ok, time to get some information about colors we use in web design and their personalities how they affect overall projects. We will discuss about the color co-ordination and advantage over designing with the correct colors for design deals or service for blogs to the loyal readers.

Colors are meant to be more than just fashion, from the ancient to modern use these colors are the part of the emotion they express to the humans and affects via mentally, physically, consciously and subconsciously.

For designers and web designers main mantra is color wheel to work in web design. Psychologist suggested that color impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejections of a product or service. The color wheel is simple tool that is used to discover the harmonies mentality in web design and how it impact on users.

Did you know ?

The first color wheel was created by Issac newton in 1666.

There are two colors, Warm and Cool colors. For a general rule, when you design a website with an right combination of warm and cool colors will give good results and increase your sales. At the same time non-researched and analysis of colors implemented on web design will cause great impact also confuse your readers or client’s website consumers.

Warm Colors: Used for happiness, enthusiasm and energy and to reflect passion in your design.

Cool Colors: Used for calm and professionalism.

Other type of color categories are three types, follow us Primary colors, Secondary colors and Tertiary colors. To know more about the color theory see this infographic by KISS-Metrics.
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Learn Art of Color Co-ordination in Web Design
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