Today we are going to read about the “personality checker” of are you an Instgram junkie ? – the infographic that says about how much you are addicted to social media. Popular photography network like Instagram which founded on Oct-06-2010 and joins with Facebook during 2012 first quarterly. Like Pinterest, you can use this photo service to drive traffic or at-least engage with users who are well found of Instagram then any other social media.

40 Million photos are posted daily and 1000 comments per second. The Instagram shared their stats publicly from January 2013. – Source
Marketo blog shared this wonderful infographic created by Jason Miller is Senior Manager of Content Marketing at LinkedIn.

Infographic on Instagram Filters

If you are from one of the 100 Million users of Instagram active users, you might like this infographic too. This article or post will be covering about the filters effect using their app and tells you, who you are ?

Which Instagram Filter Fanatics You Are ?

There are 10 different types of filter with their personality to show off. Internet made everyone photographer with their smart phone and photo apps – remember professional photographers are unique and not listed here.

People shoot their food or coffee before they enjoy it hot. Here every filter from the apps says lot more about you than you think.

Love Instagram Filter ?
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