WordPress is best between other platforms for blogs and CMS like joomla, drupal, Google’s Blogspot. More than 50% of blog owners or webmaster hosted on WordPress platform. The best thing about WordPress is they fix the bug when it alarms the security of blog and their community is active. Even web designers selling WordPress theme and making their life from them.

Recent survey says that from March 2012 – more than 72.4 different blogs and websites from globe using them, which make them popular CMS in existence. There is an increase of using WordPress platform for their blog.

Around 48% of the first 100 top blogs are ranked by Technorati. Recently WordPress 3.3 is released and famous between the previous version. You should always update the Database and version released by them, do not forget to use the updated version of WordPress plugin for new blogs who started now.

Did You Know ?

Famous sites which are using WordPress as their platforms are Tech Crunch, NASA, Ford, Cnn, Honda, New York Times. More than 12 Million Downloads and their market share is 53.8% when comes to Content Management System.

Emerging Monoploy on WordPress CMS

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