First we like to Cheer Birthday Wishes to Search Engine Giant and Online Mentor “Google“, Celebrating it’s 14th Birthday. Did you checked out “Google Homepage” for its Creative Doodle. Few years back everyone is concentrating on Alexa ranks and ratings they get for there site to determine the authority on Internet. Even thought few advertisers will check your Blog Alexa rank and traffic they get from other social media websites.

Facebook social network acted a major role for getting traffic and users see how much they have likes for articles they wrote, Brand Facebook page likes(but many spend to get fake Facebook page). Twitter also the same case, the more you get ReTweets – the amount of traffic you get from them. But Pinterest has made some changes in this stereotype of traffic they get. Even users around the globe who don’t know will share your Images.

A week before we found this infographics very useful for our readers and due to the already drafted articles and recently we published an Infographics on Plagiarism found on Internet. So we took one week for another infographics which should be very informative and not like sharing what ever infographics we found on internet.

Now Social Media is not only for Fans and followers but also for business owners to grow their product sales. This Pinterest is created by CEO called social media related site who made a superb guide for Pinterest. Here they mentioned about the growth and rise in comparison of other Sources which drive more traffic to sites.

Guide for Pinterest – Infographics

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Pinterest Guide
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Hope you got some idea and how to achieve good traffic for your blog. Let us know what do you think or is there any other way we can bring more traffic from pinterest. Kindly share with us.

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